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Natasha Baksh

Senior Paraprofessional – Litigation Group

Civil & Commercial Litigation
Corporate & Commercial
Commercial Real Estate

Natasha is a senior paraprofessional at R&D LLP and works within the firm’s Litigation Group. She has extensive and diverse experience in the legal services industry and specializes in civil litigation. Natasha has been instrumental in her previous firms with respect to developing and improving internal protocols for file and client management. She is dedicated to her colleagues and is passionate about the timely production of her tasks. Natasha holds designations as a Toronto Roster Mediator with the Ministry of Attorney General, Workplace Fairness Institute specializing in workplace conflict, and as a Real Estate Broker.


Academic Background:
Natasha completed a certificate in Conflict Resolution at York University with a specialty in workplace conflict management. Natasha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from York University and is a Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst through the Workplace Fairness Institute. Natasha is also a Real Estate Broker.


Natasha enjoys spending time with her two little guys! She loves reading, learning, yoga/meditation, cooking and creating dishes with her little sous chefs as well as very long road trips and travelling almost anywhere! She also enjoys mini home renovations and home decorating!


Professional Affiliations:
Toronto Roster Mediator, Ministry of Attorney General
Workplace Fairness Institute, W.F.A.
Real Estate Broker, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board


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