Cynthia Lindo - R&D LLP | Innovative Legal Solutions
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Cynthia Lindo

Office Manager & Account Manager


Cynthia is the Office and Account Manager at R&D LLP, and oversees and facilitates the efficient day-to-day function of the firm’s various departments. She has over twenty-three years experience in the legal field as a law clerk. Due to her then growing family’s needs early in her career, Cynthia’s core values led her to take on various freelancing roles. As a result, she has acquired a wide spectrum of knowledge and exposure in various areas of law including corporate and securities, civil litigation, employment, estates and family law. Her work in a diversity of settings which range from solo practices to large firms has greatly refined her interpersonal skills, enabled her to quickly adapt to different or challenging circumstances, and be an essential team player.


Outside the office, Cynthia’s time is spent entertaining her four teenage children, dreaming about her next trip, some fitness, and lots of cooking.


Cynthia is fluent in English and Italian.


Professional Affiliations:
International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA)


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