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Empowering entrepreneurs.

We understand the needs of businesses at inception, during expansion, and at transitions and exits. R&D LLP offers the business acumen and legal expertise of a Bay Street law firm to entrepreneurs at a competitive price point.

We equip entrepreneurs like you. We’re here to help.

Why Choose R&D LLP?

R&D LLP equips entrepreneurs with tools to succeed.


No one understands the challenges faced by startups better than founders. As fellow entrepreneurs ourselves, we look far beyond the legal elements of a business decision to appreciate the business, strategic and human connections that others may overlook.


Flexibility is the key. R&D LLP’s organizational structure enables us to be nimble and agile in how we provide legal services – allowing us to meet and exceed the needs of entrepreneurs as they forge new pathways into the future. This structure enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of a client’s unique business and then provide highly customized legal services in a timely manner.


Importantly, we recognize that no two clients are ever the same. As a result, we provide quality legal services tailored to the unique profile of each client and transaction. Our firm structure gives us the flexibility to do just that.


We designed this firm to meet your needs. Let us show you the many ways we can help your business move forward.

Have a project? Contact us to find out how we can help.


At R&D LLP, we specialize in working with founders and entrepreneurs (including Y Combinator alumni), emerging companies, and small to mid-sized businesses. Our team of experienced lawyers has a deep understanding of the unique legal challenges that growing businesses face and we balance our advice with an appreciation of the realities of running a company.


Corporate structuring, incorporations, shareholder agreements, intellectual property protection, employment agreements, mergers & acquisitions, contract negotiations, commercial disputes—our team’s expertise encompasses the full range of business demands. We can anticipate your needs and find the right options to position your company for growth and success.

Commercial transactions and litigation are only the beginning

Business Law

We understand that as a business owner, you have many important decisions to make. Whether you are just starting out or are an established company looking to expand, our lawyers are here to help. We will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide customized legal solutions to support the success of your business.

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Corporate Finance

R&D LLP has a wealth of experience to assist with raising capital whether from pre-seed, seed or Series A investors from friends and family, angel investors or venture capital firms. Whether you are looking to raise debt or equity from seed to venture capital, our lawyers are here to help complete financing needs on the exempt market.

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Corporate Governance

As regulatory requirements become more complex and businesses continue to enter new and emerging markets, senior management must stay up-to-date on their company’s and their own regulatory requirements. We understand the importance of strong corporate governance for the short and long term success of your company.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We understand that buying or selling a business is always a critical juncture for a businessperson. Our lawyers are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way, to help ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Our team has a wide range of expertise on mid-market corporate and commercial transactions.

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Commercial/Civil Litigation and Construction Law

The team at R&D LLP often succeeds in negotiating favourable resolutions out of court, but we are always prepared to protect our clients’ interests in the courtroom should that be necessary.

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Quality legal services at every stage of the business life cycle.

Lawyers for Founders

Entrepreneurs deserve more time than the big firms have to give.


The full-service law firms on Bay Street draw on an undeniable wealth of knowledge and resources. However, with hundreds or even thousands of clients, it can be difficult for larger firms to give each client and matter the personalized attention they deserve. As an entrepreneur, small business or start-up, you may get lost in the shuffle.


At R&D LLP, we take the time to learn the unique background, story, and vision driving each client.


With fewer clients than a full-service Bay Street firm, we are, naturally, able to devote significantly more time and attention to each matter. This allows us to gain a better understanding of each client’s unique needs and goals, and enables us to provide more tailored legal advice and customized solutions.


We understand that, as a growing business, legal expenses can be a significant and often undesirable investment. That’s why we offer transparent pricing and flexible payment options to help our clients manage their legal costs.


As a small and distributed team, we don’t have the same overhead as larger firms, such as a large and expensive office space or a large support staff, and are consequently able to offer our legal services at a much more competitive and affordable price point. By leveraging legal technology and staffing a diverse group of professionals, we streamline processes so that we can deliver first-rate legal services in an efficient and effective manner.


R&D LLP’s size also means that we can be much more innovative, nimble and customized in the provision of our legal solutions. With fewer layers of bureaucracy and a flatter organizational structure, we are able to take action quickly to resolve time-sensitive legal issues in creative ways.


Our close-knit team of lawyers, clerks and support staff provide the ideal foundation for the highly-collaborative approach we take with our clients. R&D LLP’s lawyers work closely with our clients and take the time to learn and appreciate all of the material facts, interests and circumstances before providing advice on strategy. Rather than just providing legal advice and leaving the rest up to the client, our team members are there with you the entire step of the way.


We equip entrepreneurs, founders and small businesses with the legal tools and framework necessary to succeed without blowing the budget. For a more personalized, collaborative, and cost-effective legal experience, we encourage you to reach out to see how we can help meet your specific needs.


The Partners, Associates and staff of R&D LLP are comprised of individuals who formerly worked at Abrahams LLP.